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Selected Projects:

Much Ado About Nothing:

Concept: To introduce the audience into the world - while being grounded in reality-  having elements of the fantastical (almost fairy tale).  Most of the pieces here are transitional pieces taking us from inside to outside (or vice versa) and my goal was to keep them light - while containing spatterings of both sadness and love (two elements heavily featured throughout the show).



On The Verge:

Concept: To create a world that was grounded in each location the ladies traveled - while still maintaining a fluidity to move and morph itself as the ladies trecked through time and space.

Also - providing aural context as the ladies describe past adventures in far off lands.


Concept: To create a claustrophobic atmosphere full of fear and paranoia - no place is safe.

Hairy Ape
 Concept: Playing with transitions of scenes - finding flow, rhythm, and theme among the very different scenes and settings - each scene has a distinct repetition to it

The Life of a High Mass Star

Concept: To create a soundscape using MIDI synths that depicts the life of a high mass star

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